What type of data you require to make better-informed decisions around female entrepreneurship that will help your constituents?

Osif can be your partner in providing you with credible information related to your answer above. We provide customized and robust research for policymakers that explores various aspects of female entrepreneurship. Among the topics we can explore are fostering female entrepreneurship in ltaly while in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, women entrepreneurs in innovation fields, work family conflicts, female immigrant entrepreneurs and innovative female firms in agriculture. We provide the possibility to supplement research with a teaching component and / or create a forum on female entrepreneurship to showcase role models.

Policymakers can:

  • leverage results to create specific training courses and ad hoc programmes for nascent and consolidated female entrepreneurs as well as supporting women’s entrepreneurship in STEM fields.
  • gain knowledge on the impact entrepreneurship education can have on developing enterprising women.
  • see tangible evidence on the role public services can have on increasing female
  • owned businesses’ performance.
  • learn approaches to developing policies that take into account the specific life cycle stages of women entrepreneurs and overcome the traditional negative stereotypes.

Existing research that provides application for policymakers